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Onboard and activate your users. Better.

A car navigation leads drivers to the destination. Hiway leads your users to understanding and loving your product.

Let me in

First, there was an idea. Then, you’ve found drive that helped you get started. A lot has happened in between before you’ve launched your product.

There. It’s out.

Now’s the hardest part - getting people to use it and discover its value. The rest will come. You know it. We know it too.

Sometimes it’s hard to showcase people what you have to offer. Because you have a lot. And there’s little time to communicate it all.

Hiway was built to do just that - help people understand the value of your product. Our tool was designed to guide people to the ‘AHA’ and the ‘WOW’ moment effortlessly.

Simple tool.
For you and your users.

Checklist builder
Make using your product easy. From the start.

Guide users to your most important features with checklists. Checklists are easy to follow and they work even if your product is complex and advanced.

Make it feel like a part of your product.

Our powerful customization options help you design communication with users your way. People won’t feel the difference between Hiway and your product.

Audience targeting
The right onboarding for the right people.

Our segmentation tools make it easy to personalize your onboarding experience. Show different checklists to different people with just a few clicks.

Reports that help transform data into actionable insights.

Our clear reports let you understand how users respond to onboarding journeys. With the juicy data you can focus on testing, improving and designing better onboarding experiences.

Simple plans.
Fit for any startup.


$99/ month

5000 Active Monthly Users
Customizable CSS
10 Campaigns
Audience segmentation
Premium support
+ all Free features


1000 Active Monthly Users
1 Campaign
Basic analytics
Basic styling

Our internal onboarding metrics skyrocketed thanks to the Hiway widget. We've noticed about 200% growth in completing user profile data. We were looking for improvement, but the results completely exceeded our expectations.

Jacek Winiarski
Head of Product & Growth, Wedding.pl

I’ve noticed significant change in Monthly Active Users compared to the time before Hiway. Our customer success team can focus more on not onboarding-related challenges.

Grzegorz Kazulak
Founder, Unamo

Try it yourself.

Play the story to check the 'before' and the 'after' Hiway effect. See how Hiway works without the need to sign up, and before its official release.

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