Onboard and activate your users. Better.

A car navigation leads drivers to the destination.
Hiway leads your users to love and buy your product.

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Hiway is using modern gamification methods
and the hook model
to increase user engagement.

Engaged users are more eager to spend money and become
promoters of your product.

What product owners say about Hiway

We present our tool to several product owners
who are managing products.
Read what they think about Hiway.

Finally the tool that let me create the onboarding process without development.

Oskar Krawczyk
Founder, JSFiddle

Perfect tool to increase users engagement.

Murat Mutlu
CEO, Marvel

It seems to be a promising product that could change the way we onboard new doctors in Docplanner.

Marcin Skowronek
Team Leader, Docplanner

Onboarding is always super hard part in product adoption process. It seems that Hiway will solve this problem finally.

Grzegorz Kazulak
CEO, Unamo